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That depends! Can you close your shoes effortlessly without the help of others? Do you have perfect control over your skis all day? Then the E-ClicK® offers no added value to your skiing pleasure. However, if you want to turn on the ski boot buckles perfectly with little effort, then the E-ClicK® is a great tool.

Can they buckle up their ski boots without any problem? Are you in the area all day to adjust the buckles? A little looser or more tightly on your children’s request? Then the E-ClicK® is not immediately necessary. However, if you want them to turn on the buckles independently, without your help, the E-ClicK® is a great tool.

Within the Netherlands: 1 day, to Belgium: 3 days, rest Eu: one week and beyond: two weeks.

The E-ClicK® sales price is € 12.95.
Ask for special conditions for associations and groups.

Let us know, preferably by e-mail, how and what and we ensure you that your order will be arranged.

Yes! Developing the E-ClicK® we aimed to bring a universally applicable ski boot buckle lever on the market. Both for older types of buckles and for the most modern ones.

Let us know, preferably with some photos and of course with information about the shoe and we will refund your purchase amount, excluding shipping costs, to your account immediately. You can keep the E-ClicK®.

The E-ClicK is available from stock in blue, green, red, black, yellow and pink.
Other colors are possible on request based on larger orders.

The E-ClicK will last a lifetime and will never break under normal use. If that should happen one day, let us know what the reason was and we will send you a new copy free of charge if you appear in our customer base.

We can print the E-ClicK, depending on your wishes, with your company logo in full color, with a deep or imprint message. Ask about the possibilities!